Visual arts practitioners

Marilyn Bersey – Art and crafts

Marilyn BerseyHaving trained as a counselling psychotherapist, child development professional, and adult education tutor/assessor, specialising in art and play therapy, I have worked within all aspects of social and community provision, including early years, mental health and the elderly. I have a diploma in art therapy.

Art and play therapy is a creative tool to aid communication and hopefully improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals.

Prior to retiring I worked closely with social services, with families on the child protection register, safe-guarding children, using visual and creative models to develop positive parenting strategies.  

On a personal level I am involved with all aspects of amateur theatre, writing, acting, directing and set design.

I believe the success of an art and crafts session is in the journey not the destination; joining in and interacting is often more therapeutic and beneficial than the finished piece of work. I am delighted to be able to use these tools and skills within my role as an arts and crafts practitioner with Independent arts to enhance the quality of life of the wonderful people joining the group sessions.

Mark Lloyd – Design and Photography Practitioner

Mark LloydMark grew up in Leicester, where he went on to work for major advertising and marketing studios as a graphic designer. Mark moved to the Isle of Wight in 2006, and is now working in a freelance capacity.

Island life allows Mark to develop his love of mixed media art and photography, drawing inspiration whilst walking the dog.

Mark's versatility allows him to teach with various organisations including Independent Arts. He offers a range of design and photography-based sessions, which can really stimulate the creative mind in all of us.

Davina Smith – Art and Craft

Davina SmithI am delighted to be delivering arts and crafts sessions for Independent Arts, as well as reminiscence sessions.

I came down to the island with my husband three years ago, as we moved with his work. We have settled very well on the island and everyone has made us welcome. I undertook my Fine Art Degree in Manchester and Coventry (1978–1981) and have taught in many Adult Education Centres in Manchester and Harrogate. I have joined lots of clubs/groups on the island - I belong to the Freshwater Book Club, I attend a local Pottery Group where I design and make animals out of clay and also many vases decorated with leaves, stems and 'green men'. If I have any spare time, I enjoy walking in the countryside and taking in the fantastic views - my favourite areas for walking are The Needles, Ventnor, Newtown. 

I take many photographs and do much sketching whilst walking and when back home, use these ideas for paintings, etc. I enjoy visiting the theatre and support many Amateur Dramatic performances, which are excellent. Sometime in the future, I hope to take part in the Open Studios.


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