Memory Mornings


Memory Mornings exhibition poster

During 2012 Independent Arts hosted a number of Memory Mornings in towns and villages across the Isle of Wight. These events tied in with the Reminiscence sessions we deliver across the Island as part of our Workshops for Wellbeing programme.

Our Memory Mornings were co-delivered with community and social organisations. Everyone attending brought along memories of the area with them in the form of photographs and artefacts, as well as sharing their memories verbally.

These sessions resulted in a fascinating exhibition curated by Independent Arts, which recorded the collected memories arising from our Memory Mornings. The exhibition ran at Lord Louis Library, Newport throughout December 2012.

We are keen to hear from anyone interested in hosting further Memory Mornings. We will provide a Reminiscence Practitioner to facilitate each one-off session, and collate the memories.

If you are interested, and want to find out more, please contact us.



Memory Mornings: Needles Battery: rocket

Memory Mornings: Cowes: Flying boat