Independent Arts' Singing for Recovery sessions are based upon musical therapy that can help build your strength in breathing, movement, speech and confidence after suffering a stroke or living with a long term condition. Sessions are led by experienced practitioner Erica Myers. A voluntary donation is appreciated.

Singing for Recovery is held at St Mary's Hospital in the Stroke Unit Day Room each Thursday from 2pm – 3pm.

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The initiative began due to the incredible efforts of a women determined that a gentleman very dear to her was able to have access to music after he recently suffered a stroke. The gentleman used to attend one of our weekly SingAbout groups and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Music was a huge part of his life. Independent Arts was contacted and asked if we would be able to set up a musical group specifically for the Stroke Unit and Rehabilitation Ward. Singing for Recovery was the result. The weekly sessions started in November 2016.

"Just a simple one hour a week of singing has helped me escape. You're doing wonders here. Don't ever stop what you're doing."

Rehabilitation patient, five weeks in hospital, after participating in Independent Arts' Singing for Recovery sessions.


"I have been here a few weeks now and I always look forward to Thursday afternoons."

Stroke ward patient, three weeks in hospital.


SingAbout: Singing for Recovery is funded by the Derrill Allatt Foundation.


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