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Visual Arts and Craft

iPad art

We offer a variety of art and crafts, providing all the materials for the session. Our practitioners vary in their approach and choice of media, from paints to inks and modelling clay.

Using iPads to create art is another recently-introduced option.

In addition to providing single sessions, we can arrange a series of sessions so that residents can collaborate under the guidance of our artist to create an extended piece of work, for example a sculpture clay project or collage.



PhotographyPhotography is a great option, as it is accessible to most participants and the finished product is immediate.

Independent Arts has a supply of digital cameras for use in these sessions. Printing costs are included in the session price, as is the expertise of our photography practitioner.

There are many possibilities for photographic work within residential settings: participants may choose to exhibit their work at an open day, or keep their photographs privately to create a photo-diary. We can provide a project plan running over several sessions, or deliver photography in one session, so the work can be shaped around your requirements.


"Clearing-up time always comes too soon."

Participant, art project

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Practitioners include

Mary Clemmensen Art

Tabitha Fedden Printmaking and Craft

Mark Lloyd Design and Photography

Liz Tate: Art

Painting on silk