2008 Archive

One of our first new ventures was to design and make a mosaic for Robin Hill Country Park. A professional mosaic artist, Catherine Van Giap, guided clients in the complex task of fitting the tiles together to make the pictures. Learning difficulty clients, adults and children, plus older people helped make the piece. Thank you to Wightlink and Robin Hill for funding this project. Alan Titchmarsh unveiled the mosaic at the Garden Festival held at Robin Hill.

We worked on ideas for a photography project with Dimbola Lodge. Photography is a new venture for Independent Arts and we helped clients produce some stunning pictures for their homes.

Independent Arts put on a touring exhibition in 2008 (visiting libraries in Ventnor, Freshwater, Bembridge, Ryde and Newport, as well as Dimbola Lodge), with funding from Help the Aged. The main theme was art and reminiscence. All exhibitions ran for one month.

Alan Titchmarsh unveils Robin Hill mosaic with IA trustee Anne Turner

Robin Hill mosaic

2008 photography project