Visual arts practitioners

Mandy Bangeter – Textile Artist

Mandy BangeterMandy is a textile artist and illustrator whose mixed media images explore how thread, stitch, fabric and found materials can be used to describe surface and place. Mandy loves to share her passion for beautiful fabrics, often recycled, and teaching others to draw with her sewing machine – really, it’s great fun! Working with a variety of materials, including photography, paint and printmaking the possibilities for making images are endless.

Mandy has a degree in Illustration and she taught art and photography in secondary schools before moving to the beautiful Isle of Wight ten years ago. She leads creative workshops for our Time & Tide project, Anxiety Café and Creative Café.


Helen Goodman – Print-making and Mosaics

Helen GoodmanHelen is an Isle of Wight-based artist specialising in running mosaic and print workshops. Helen has a great deal of experience running community-based collaborative mosaic projects, which can be seen displayed in public spaces across the Island. Helen’s work is characterised by rich, jewel like colours and intricate pattern.

Helen enjoys working across the generations and adapting working methods to ensure her workshops are accessible, supported and open to all. 


Leigh Jackman – Fine Art

Leigh JackmanLeigh is a versatile artist who delivers painting, pastels and silk screen printing workshops. She leads Workshops for Wellbeing in care homes and delivers arts and craft sessions to Independent Arts' community based groups.

In 2017 Leigh worked with residents of the Leonard Cheshire Disability Home on an Independent Arts project to create a stunning triptych for their dining room.

She is leading creative sessions on our Time & Tide participatory arts project.


Mark Lloyd – Mixed Media and Photography

Mark LloydMark grew up in Leicester, where he went on to work for major advertising and marketing studios as a graphic designer. Mark moved to the Isle of Wight in 2006, and is now working in a freelance capacity.

Island life allows Mark to develop his love of mixed media art and photography, drawing inspiration whilst walking the dog.

Mark's versatility allows him to teach with various organisations, including Independent Arts. He offers a range of design and photography-based sessions, which can really stimulate the creative mind in all of us.


Davina Smith – Art and Craft

Davina SmithI am delighted to be delivering arts and crafts sessions for Independent Arts, as well as reminiscence sessions.

I came down to the island with my husband several years ago, as we moved with his work. We have settled very well on the island and everyone has made us welcome. I undertook my Fine Art Degree in Manchester and Coventry (1978–1981) and have taught in many Adult Education Centres in Manchester and Harrogate. I have joined lots of clubs/groups on the island - I belong to the Freshwater Book Club, I attend a local Pottery Group where I design and make animals out of clay and also many vases decorated with leaves, stems and 'green men'. If I have any spare time, I enjoy walking in the countryside and taking in the fantastic views - my favourite areas for walking are The Needles, Ventnor, Newtown. 

I take many photographs and do much sketching whilst walking and when back home, use these ideas for paintings, etc. I enjoy visiting the theatre and support many Amateur Dramatic performances, which are excellent. Some time in the future, I hope to take part in the Open Studios.


Jason Watts – StoryBox and Craft-based Art

Jason WattsJason Watts describes himself as an ‘intuitive’ artist using recycled and found materials in his craft-based art workshops. Jason has twenty years’ experience working with nursery age children where he developed his teaching skills. Jason is patient and empathetic and has now turned his skills and experience towards working with older people. As a multi-disciplinary artist Jason also enjoys creative writing, and he recently brought all these skills together when he was asked to head up the new Independent Arts workshop StoryBox.

Jason Watts

StoryBox incorporates music, story-telling, collaborative poetry and model-making in four, weekly workshops. The workshops take well-known folk and fairy tales as their theme and inspiration (examples being Peter and the Wolf and the Firebird). The story is explored through discussion, recital and musical scores, with participants being invited and supported to make small models and maquettes of the characters and items of scenery to be displayed in a mini table top theatre production at the close of the workshops.

StoryBox is designed to be a highly inclusive workshop, with soundtracks and storytelling for those with limited vision and the use of mixed materials and fabrics helpful for both this group, and for those living with hearing loss.


Trudie Wilson – Art and Sculpture

Trudie WilsonTrudie Wilson is an interdisciplinary fine artist specialising in sculpture influenced by palaeontology and nature. She has completed her MA in fine art where she worked between the studio and researching in the landscape and with a local museum. Trudie has previously worked as a disability assistant helping to support other art practitioners: “It is the most rewarding role I have undertaken, I love seeing someone’s ideas come to life, being part of that process is a really unique experience."

Trudie’s art practice is primarily derived from her local environment on the Isle of Wight, where she spends much of her time exploring the coastline and looking for fossils.


Julian Winslow – Photography

Julian Winslow, photographed by Time & Tide participant BillJulian is a freelance photographer/artist based on the Island. He leads photography sessions on our Time & Tide participatory arts project. (This portrait of Julian was taken by Bill, a participant in the project.)

Julian says, "The commercial side of my work is editorial or advertising based much of which is portraiture. My personal work explores time, the moment, memory and perception. I enjoy collaboration and the cross pollination of ideas explored with the creative process."


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