Creative Café

Creative Café is an opportunity for older people to meet for creative activity over a cup of tea. Our wide range of activities includes iPads, Art & Craft, Photography, Movement, Creative Writing and much more.

Refreshments are provided. A voluntary donation is appreciated.

Where and when?

Creative Café runs every Monday  from 10.30am – 12 noon and 1.30pm – 3pm at Independent Arts' Creative Hub at 48 High Street, Newport.

Booking is essential, so please contact us to book your space or for further information.

Creative Café



We also have many creative activities for you to enjoy on our Independent Arts YouTube channel:

Thank you!

Independent Arts' Creative Café was launched in February 2015 and so far has been sponsored by:

  • Spectrum Housing
  • Care UK Wellbeing Foundation
  • The Charles Hayward Foundation
  • Isle of Wight Foundation
  • Morrisons Foundation

We thank them for their support.

"I came along to have a purpose and for company."

Creative Café participant


Creative Café drawing

Creative Café

Creative Café photography session


Photos above and top left by Julian Winslow


Creative Café is supported by