Henry Bear's trip to the seaside and Carisbrooke Castle


A story created by the residents of Kynance Residential Home, Cowes


Henry Bear went to Ryde Beach where he met a lot of very nice people and children.
He met Matilda, who looked like Dolly’s aunt who looked like me!
Matilda had bunches and wore an old-fashioned dress.
They met everyone on the beach and played a game of ball with all the nice people they met.
Matilda and Henry then brought an ice-cream on the street from the ice-cream man.
He was very nice and smiling and gave Henry an extra bit of ice-cream and an extra bit on the top of that!

Henry and Matilda made a wonderful sandcastle.
The tide came in and the water covered the sandcastle.
Matilda said good bye and Henry went to catch a bus home.

Henry was sad that his lovely sandcastle had been washed away.
The bus driver was very nice and asked why Henry was sad and Henry told him.
There was a poodle and a spaniel on the bus who were very friendly and liked Henry which helped cheer him up.
The bus driver took a detour and took Henry to see Carisbrooke Castle.

Dreading to think what happens next!

The bus driver dropped off Henry who climbed to the top of the castle and met the curator who showed him around.
Henry liked the castle because of the singing.
They were all singing Teddy Bears’ picnic.
He met the donkeys and they liked each other.
The very nice bus driver came back and took Henry home.

Henry lives with all his friends at Kynance Care Home.
He has his own bedroom, his bed and another teddy who is smaller and is Henry’s friend.

Henry brought back a stick of rock for everyone at Kynance.

Henry told everyone about his adventures then went to bed and to sleep.


This story creating event was led by Ann Emery, Community Writer, Henry Bear and supported by Independent Arts.


The residents also created this poem:


I am the ocean


I am the ocean and I am huge

 I am the ocean and I am sleepy

 I am a boat sailing.


I would be teddy
I would be a mermaid
I would be a boat
I would be a  car
I would be a star


I am the ocean, possible and impossible

I am the ocean, going in and out.


Written by the residents of Kynance Residential Home, Isle of Wight

Henry Bear

Henry Bear visits care homes on the Isle of Wight with creative writing practitioner Ann Emery, with wonderful results. For more information, please contact us