More adventures of Henry Bear


A story created by the residents of Little Hayes Care Home, Totland


Henry Bear travelled to Kidderminster on a magic carpet of blues, reds, yellows, grey, pink and brown.
The carpet was door-mat size.

On the way he met Father Christmas. It was snowing and Father Christmas was stuck on a mountain. He had all his toys with him and was in a right old state.

Henry helped by pushing his carpet underneath the sleigh.

Santa was very pleased and promised to make sure he got a full stocking.

Henry was going to Kidderminster to visit Dorothy who was 70 years old. She had a cake shop and sold Victoria sponges, little buns with icing on top, Battenburg cake, fruit cake and chocolate cake. It smelt of cinnamon and warm fuzzy smells that comes when ‘someone is baking’.

No one was buying Dorothy’s cakes and Henry wanted to help.
Henry put out a sign to help people come and buy the cakes.
People found the shop and loved the cakes.

Henry flew back to Little Hayes on Christmas Eve.
Henry lived at Little Hayes.
It was cosy and there were people to nurse him.
He had toys to keep him company.

On Christmas Eve there was music and carols which Henry enjoyed very much.
There were paper chains in his room and holly and a Christmas tree with little fairy lights.
Henry liked his bedroom.

All the residents were his friends and he had a lot of Christmas Cards.
He hung his stocking on the end of the bed.
He asked his friends what they wanted – magic lamp, magic goblet to get any kind of wine you wanted, dancer, flute, chocolate, record player and cakes!

Henry wanted a very smart new tie, blue and white stripes with a hat to match.

Henry and his friends all got that they wanted!


This story creating event was led by Ann Emery, Community Writer, Henry Bear and supported by Independent Arts.

Henry Bear

Henry Bear visits care homes on the Isle of Wight with creative writing practitioner Ann Emery, with wonderful results. For more information, please contact us