Henry Bear’s adventures


A story created by the residents of Polars Residential Care Home


Henry flew to Egypt on his magic carpet of many colours.
He wanted to go somewhere warm on holiday.
He landed at Cairo to stay in a big wooden tent that stood amongst many others.

Henry was hungry after his journey so he went to a hotel.
There he had tea, cake and gooseberry jam on bread and butter.
Going back to his tent he got lost and met a snake.
Henry ran away but the snake slithered after him.
Henry had to stop because he’d run out of breath.
The snake said he just wanted to be friends. He was call Sam and it was hard being a snake because no-one liked them.
Henry felt sorry for the snake and so they became friends.
The snake showed Henry the way back to his tent.

Henry also made friends with a little bear called Herbert who was staying on the camp site.
Henry gave a tea party for all friends before sailing back to the Isle of Wight.

He met up with all his friends at Polars and cooked them a meal.
His kind friends then did all the washing up.

The next day Henry went on a fast sailing boat down the River Medina.
He was helping to crew the boat with his friends and forgot to put on a life jacket.
Henry tripped over a rope and fell into the river.

The snake, which had followed Henry back to England, swam up, wrapped around Henry’s middle and popped him back to the surface where the crew hauled him back on board.

Every one then went and had a cup of tea at the Folly Inn followed by supper at the Bargeman’s Rest!


This story creating event was led by Ann Emery, Community Writer, Henry Bear and supported by Independent Arts.


The residents also created this poem:


I am River


I am the river and I am wide

I would be a rowing boat.

I am water
Children fall into me
I am lovely to walk beside.

I have swum in the river

I am water, flowing slow with lots of boats.
I am home to the fish.

I       go       slow

People mess about on me, feed the ducks, get muddy.

I would rather be land.

I see such sights and watch the picnics
I see things hanging out of windows.

I go in and out with the tide

I am fast flowing water.

I am liked.

I am just a river.



Written by the residents of Polars Care Home, Isle of Wight, December 2015

Henry Bear

Henry Bear visits care homes on the Isle of Wight with creative writing practitioner Ann Emery, with wonderful results. For more information, please contact us