Get Creative With iPads

iPad sessionCreative iPad sessions are very helpful for people with limited dexterity, and for those with age-related memory loss, or dementia. iPad sessions can be highly effective for one-to-one sessions, but can also be delivered to small groups of 6/7 maximum.

In 2012 Independent Arts received funding from the Cloth Workers Foundation to purchase 12 iPads. The iPads were incorporated into several projects, including the InTouch project of 2014-15 (funded by The Bulldog Trust) which enabled the charity to support a series of one-to-one iPad sessions in care homes across the island.

What we learned from the project was that older people benefit hugely from the creative potential of iPads.

In addition our practitioners also learned that iPads can be a highly effective tool for reminiscence workshops, enabling the practitioner to provide an instant response to a memory or prompt, and that this response can take multiple forms be it visual, audio or by access to online image archives.

Using what we learned, we are now able to incorporate iPads in a whole variety of sessions.

Practitioners and sessions

Mark Lloyd: one-to-one sessions for photography. Plus using an iPad as a reminiscence research tool to assist residents with arts and crafts sessions.

Getting creative with iPads

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iPad session

iPad session