Mix and Match

We can put together a bespoke series of workshops for homes so that over several weeks residents can explore a range of arts and activities. Here are some examples from one such workshop series held at Newport Residential, where activities included gardening, screen printing, collage, needlecraft and sculpture.

Sewing workshop

Independent Arts' Programmes Manager, Kerry Tindall, says,

"The workshops are run as mini projects over a six week period. It’s really been so successful; the group have begun to bond and socialise really well together, finding solutions to creative challenges together and supporting one another’s efforts with encouragement and praise.

"Individual participants have also thrived. One participant was crippled with agoraphobia and unable to leave the home, she now attends our weekly SingAbout and is able to visit town unsupported.

"The home manager has said that the workshops are really having a beneficial effect on the mental health of all her residents who have attended. In June we staged an exhibition of work produced in the home across the various projects. To open the exhibition we held a small evening event. Thirty guests including residents, staff, friends and family attended. It was a really wonderful opportunity to celebrate their efforts.

"These short run projects build confidence, create the opportunities for friendships and really instil a sense of shared purpose and collaboration.

"At the end of June the group even ventured an organised field trip to Yaverland beach – sketching, photographing and collecting resources for a sculpture and clay project, quite an achievement!"

Gardening workshop

Sewing workshop

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Gardening workshop