Movement practitioners

Fany Bahchevanska – Movement Practitioner

Fany BahchevanskaFany‘s biggest passion is dance and movement. Fany enjoys working with people of different ages and with varied levels of mobility; all she likes to do is help and encourage people to move, feel and love their bodies, appreciate the present moment and what they have and feel good about themselves and others.

In the past 10 years, Fany has performed and led various dance workshops, music workshops, arts and craft workshops at different venues, concerts and festivals on the Isle of Wight, mainland England, France and Bulgaria. 

Alongside her passion for dance, Fany has been working in the community as a professional healthcare assistant and she is deeply steeped in care for the community.

Fany believes that dancing and movement are the primal forms of communication and are very deeply rooted in us. Depending on our mobility and with increase of our age, this dance could become less visual, however the movement of energy within still plays an important role for our wellbeing.

An Independent Arts movement session begins with a chair warm-up and breathing exercises. Fany incorporates the influence of yoga, tai chi and dance workout, and gradually, where personal mobility allows, the class builds to standing exercises. This is followed by dance routines with old classic favourites. When everyone is warmed up, Fany introduces props like colourful pom-poms, batons, stretching belts, parachutes, bells and tambourines.

Fany ends the session with cooling down and breathing exercises to relaxing music. Alongside having fun during the sessions, the participants get to enjoy the therapeutic and healing side of movement and dance.


Zarah Groves – SoundMoves

Zarah Groves

Music and movement from a musician and qualified dance and movement practitioner.

Zarah's background was in classical dance and she ran a ballet school on the island before moving to Scotland where she taught the piano to private students and ran keep fit classes to all age groups. Zarah has an Honours Degree in Music and the Arts and is now back on the island teaching the piano.
Zarah believes that the love of music and movement can benefit everyone. In her music workshops she can bring her keyboard to play familiar songs, light jazz and classical music for residents to join in with or to just listen to and relax.

Her movement workshops involve gentle and expressive chair-based movement that will exercise and stretch every part of the body whilst listening to great music from the musicals and the jazz era. Always winding down, at the end, with breathing exercises to relaxing music.
Zarah can combine a session to have both movement and music included.


Nicola Jones – Movement Practitioner

Nicola JonesNicola has been a Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation instructor since 2010. Before relocating to the island she taught public classes and workshops across the West Sussex community. Her ethos is to provide authentic tuition of the Classical Chinese arts to all abilities, no matter age, physical ability or fitness level.

She is a passionate teacher, dedicated to teaching movement and stillness routines as an alternative route to improved health and wellbeing. Her classes encourage everyone to be active in their own health management, taking the lesson principles into their daily life.

Nicola also has a professional background in art, design and teaching within adult education. She currently divides her time between the movement arts and life as a metal working artist.

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