Movement and chair-based exercise

Movement to Music sessions are very popular with our residential home managers, who view exercise as an important part of the care they provide. Our practitioners are fully qualified in movement, dance, breathing and chair-based exercises which are suitable for all ages and abilities. They are experienced in working with elderly and frail participants, as well as stroke patients who benefit from moving to music and learning breathing techniques to aid their condition.

Chair-based movement may seem like a simple enough activity, but there are many things to consider when working with a group of people who have limited mobility, which is why our practitioners are so highly trained.

Objects such as scarves, small balls and ribbons are used to help focus attention on movement and to add texture and colour to the session.


We've Got Rhythm

We've Got Rhythm provides a musical trip down memory lane, using popular songs from the shows. This interactive session, specifically designed for residents in care homes, aims to engage participants in a range of enjoyable and beneficial activities: chair-based movement, rhythmic activities and singing.

In choosing music from a wide selection of well-known musicals and through the use of bright and colourful equipment, the sessions promote enjoyment and beneficial participation.


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Movement practitioners include

Kym Backshall

Zarah Groves


"This session was good for helping our residents mobilise their joints gently. Some joined in who wouldn't normally participate in other activities. It was a good social occasion and the music was very appropriate for many to sing along to."

Manager, Solent Grange