One-to-one sessions

We offer stimulating and engaging sessions across a wide range of activities which are personalised and tailor-made to the individual client's needs and interests. We undertake a complete creative assessment with our one-to-one participants at the outset of engagement with them, which allows us to discover their areas of interest and devise a programme of creative activity specifically for them, and match them with an experienced practitioner.

Ideal for homes' residents who gain more from one-to-one interaction than the larger group sessions, and something to explore for relatives concerned that a loved one in a care home is not able to maintain past interests and passions.

Recent clients chose:

  • Making a video or audio recording of their life history
  • Using the iPad creatively
  • Making a memory scrapbook
  • Art therapy
  • Learning the guitar
  • Photography
  • Music appreciation
  • Making crafted items
  • Painting and drawing
  • Hand massage and relaxation
  • Chair-based exercise and yoga
  • Games, puzzles and quizzes
  • Flower arranging and indoor gardening


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One-to-one sessions

one-to-one sessions