Our Supporters

We wish to thank the following funders, organisations and individuals for their support of our work:


  • Comic Relief Futures Lab
  • David Harris
  • The ASDA Foundation (Creative Café)
  • The Big Lottery – Building Connections (School Ties)
  • The Derrill Allatt Foundation
  • The Henry Smith Charity (SingAbout)
  • The Oyster Girls morris group
  • The People's Health Trust (Anxiety Café)
  • The Big Lottery; Ageing Better
  • The Valentine Charitable Trust
  • Kerry Weston
  • The Adrian Swire Charitable Trust
  • The John Swire 1989 Charitable Trust
  • The Arts Council England
  • The Garfield Weston Foundation
  • The W G Edwards Charitable Trust
  • BUPA UK Foundation (PortFolio)
  • Co-op Foundation (Space to Connect)


  • WightAid Foundation (Anxiety Café)
  • The Robert McAlpine Foundation
  • The Derrill Allatt Foundation
  • Comic Relief
  • Percy Bilton Charity (Soundbeam equipment)
  • Herapath Shenton Trust
  • The Big Lottery; Age Friendly Island (SingAbout)
  • D'Oyly Carte Charitable Trust (Singing for Breathing)
  • The Bakers Dozen (Anxiety Café)
  • The Lionel Wigram Charitable Trust
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • The ACT Foundation
  • The Dunhill Medical Trust
  • Morrisons Foundation (Creative Café)
  • Older Voices
  • Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival


  • Arts Council England (Time & Tide)
  • Comic Relief (core funding)
  • The Big Lottery: Age Friendly Island (SingAbout, Creative Futures)
  • The Headley Trust (DanceMakers)
  • WightAid (Creative Writers)
  • The People's Health Trust (Singing for Breathing)
  • Barchester's Charitable Foundation (Magic Doors)
  • The Prince of Wales' Charitable Foundation
  • The Henry Smith Charity
  • The Fitton Charitable Trust
  • The PJK Charitable Trust
  • The Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation
  • The Masonic Charitable Foundation
  • The Truemark Trust
  • The Daisie Rich Trust
  • The Derrill Allatt Foundation
  • The Charles Hayward Foundation (Creative Café)
  • Co-operative Community Fund – local partner scheme
  • The High Sheriff's Trust
  • David Waller (fundraising charity run for SingAbout)
  • Mrs Underwood (donation to Magic Doors project)
  • Cowes Moovers (assistance with exhibitions)
  • Howdens, Isle of Wight (donation of materials for display stands)


  • Lloyds Bank Foundation
  • The Garfield Weston Foundation
  • The Lynn Foundation
  • The Bonhomie Charitable Trust
  • The Valentine Charitable Trust
  • The Fitton Trust
  • The Henry Smith Charity
  • The PJK Charitable Trust
  • The D'Oyly Carte Charitable Trust
  • The Headley Trust (DanceMakers)
  • The Helen Hamlyn Foundation
  • Isle of Wight Foundation (Creative Café)
  • The People's Health Trust (Singing for Breathing)
  • Arts Council England (Young Writers)
  • The Big Lottery: Fulfilling Lives Ageing Better (SingAbout, Creative Futures)
  • Daisie Rich Trust
  • The Derrill Allatt Foundation
  • Wightstream Hydrocleaning Services
  • WightAid
  • The Inman Charity
  • Charlotte Bonham-Carter Charitable Trust
  • Susan Moody (Friend of Independent Arts)
  • Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival
  • The Mary Heap Charitable Trust

Local heroes

We're always grateful to local companies and individuals who support Independent Arts' work.

Desk donation

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind have generously donated six state-of-the-art desks to Independent Arts in May 2019.

Production Director for MHI Vestas Offshore UK, James Luter responded to a request for surplus office furniture and was pleased to donate the desks to the charity.

“It’s great to know that these desks will assist Independent Arts who do fantastic work reaching out to vulnerable members of the community,’ says James

The height-adjustable desks allow you to stand as well as sit which can help promote good back care as well as providing flexibility if you have to work for long periods sitting down.

“The desks are brilliant and we feel very fortunate to have been given them by MHI Vestas. They will make a much better working environment for staff and volunteers and the sit-stand function is a great option to promote healthier alternatives to sitting for long-periods of time," says Hannah Griffiths, Project Manager at Independent Arts.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind mission is to co-develop offshore wind as an economically viable and sustainable energy resource to benefit future generations.


Pop-up Gallery help

Thanks to Tony Scotcher and associates for their help finding premises for our People's Pop-up Gallery (PPUG), which opened on Newport High Street in spring 2019.


Exhibition help

Thank you to Howden's Joinery for supplying materials for our new exhibition stands, and to Cowes Moovers for helping us install our Poetry of Dementia exhibition at Lord Louis Library (Autumn 2017).

Cowes Movers


Magic Key!

Thank you to Jade Thomas for creating the very special Magic Key for our Magic Doors creative writing sessions in care homes; to Janice Thorn for making the beautiful velvet bag to protect it; and to Simon Jilley for crafting the stunning Magic Door (below).

Magic Doors



Thank you to David Waller, who set himself the challenge of running all the way from the Isle of Wight to Bath in Somerset during May 2017, raising more than £600 for Independent Arts. David is a regular at our Ventnor SingAbout group.