Independent Arts (IA) have transformed an empty space on Newport High Street, creating a vibrant art gallery and a wellbeing hub for art-based projects that can benefit your mental and physical health.

OPEN: 10.30am – 3.30pm Thursday, Friday and Saturdays

The People’s Pop-Up Gallery, known as PPUG, opening Thursday 25th April 2019, is located at 33 High Street, Newport, and will also have a wellbeing hub. There will be a series of engaging exhibitions and the hub will act as a social prescribing referral service for anyone who feels they may benefit either mentally or physically from one of several projects facilitated by IA.

Social Prescribing

Changing lives through art is very much the impetus behind IA. Established in 1987, the charity now leads the way on the Island for arts-based social prescribing. Social prescribing is simply where people receive non-medical help to improve their health and well-being through activities delivered in a social setting. These activities have measurable outcomes and vary from participating in a singing workshop to improve respiratory health, enjoying a dance class to assist with neurological conditions, to joining an anxiety café to reduce feelings of anxiety and isolation. At PPUG you will be able to find out about workshops, classes and groups designed to help improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Most of the artwork due to be exhibited at PPUG has been produced either at therapeutic workshops run by Independent Arts, or in environments designed to give artistic opportunities to people and children of all backgrounds.

“Independent Arts will always be a charity delivering arts programmes for the benefit of the most vulnerable people on the Isle of Wight; people of all ages experiencing disadvantage or social isolation, those with long term health problems and elderly people in care homes,” says Wendy Varley, Chair of Trustees, Independent Arts.

The result is a rich body of work ranging from poignant black and white photographic portraiture to ceramic sculptures to intricate textile panels that feature the heritage of Newport. The opening exhibition, Time & Tide, features extraordinary artistic responses to local history created primarily by residents of Southern Housing Group schemes and care homes across the Island and at other workshop events held at libraries.

“We are delighted that The Gravesend and District Real Estate Company have given us the opportunity to use this space and would especially like to thank Tony Scotcher from Scotcher & Co for making this possible,” says Kate Ball, Chief Executive of IA.

PPUG will be open Thurs–Sat 10.30am–3.30pm though times may vary. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities or would like to find out more, please contact us.

PPUG needs you

We are looking for volunteers to help us open this space to the public, curate and hang exhibitions and talk about the work displayed. If this sounds like you, then please

contact us

PPUG: Art & Identity display

Anxiety Café PPUG panel

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