PPUG: Nine Acres Primary School exhibition

PPUG Nine Acres Primary exhibition July 2019

Be creARTive is artwork produced by the children from Nine Acres Primary School over the course of one year. Exploring themes from early cave paintings, tribal art, propaganda posters, modern art, self-portraits, even the school’s chickens, they have produced a body of work that is outstanding and demonstrates the potential art has to unlock creative expression.

“Art projects are the perfect way to explore many aspects of our life, history and culture. Topics have included World War II propaganda posters, the genius of Picasso and Anna Bateman as well as appreciating nature’s extraordinary creations such as giraffes!” saysBryony Mackrill, Art Teacher.

Bryony has been teaching children from Reception to Year Six (ages 5-11 years old). The children have responded so enthusiastically that they actually clap and cheer when they are about to have her art class. Bryony believes this is partly because art encourages expression and although the classes have a purpose there’s also a freedom to just be creative as well as the feel good factor of producing something entirely original.

“I really encourage the children to look intensely at the subject matter. What are the emotions behind the brush stokes, can you detect how someone is feeling, what does an expression convey? This form of study promotes a connection and engagement. The pupils have produced truly remarkable artwork which is worthy of recognition and celebration!

“We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to show the children’s work at PPUG. The Be creARTive exhibition really puts our talented Nine Acres pupils in the spotlight where they deserve to shine,” says Bryony.

Be creARTive is on at the Independent Art gallery PPUG located at 33 High Street, Newport

PPUG’s provides a vibrant new arts space in a former empty shop, contributing to the regeneration of the Newport High Street. Opening times are Thurs-Sat 10.30am-3.30pm though times may vary.



Art education throughout schools has been in steady decline. This year (11/01/19) the Primary Colours Report found two thirds (68%) of primary school teachers in England say there is less arts education now than in 2010, and half (49%) say the quality of what there is has got worse. The report presents new findings from a Fabian/YouGov survey of a representative sample of 348 primary school teachers and a Fabian survey of 53 arts providers across England.


Nine Acres Primary School is located at South View, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 1QP. The Head Teacher is Mrs E. Dyer BA Hons QTS, NPQH. The school’s motto is 'Striving for Excellence', and they place a strong emphasis on challenging and supporting every child to aspire and achieve.

T: 01983 522 984 E: [email protected]

PPUG Nine Acres Primary exhibition July 2019

Nine Acres art teacher Bryony Mackrill (above) with some of her students' work.

PPUG Nine Acres Primary exhibition July 2019

Be creARTive is a stunning display of Nine Acres Primary School artwork

At PPUG, 33 High St, Newport, Isle of Wight from 4th July - 20th July 2019

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PPUG Nine Acres Primary exhibition July 2019

PPUG Nine Acres Primary exhibition July 2019

A few comments from the visitors' book…

"How fantastic to see your exhibition today. It was UPLIFTING. They are so creative. Yesterday I was at the Hampton Court Garden show but I must say that was surpassed by this. Very Well done" J Brown

"Brilliant work which shows how much the children love Art. Nice to see something other than stats for Maths and English. Excellent display." E

"It is amazing that you could do this for us." Colby