PPUG Reconnections exhibition

8th June – 30th June 2019
Open view Tuesday 11th June 4pm-6pm

Our June exhibition at the People’s Pop-Up Gallery PPUG featured artwork created by ten residents of Newport Residential Care.

Reconnections drew on themes of reconnecting with oneself, the community and to the environment. The mixed media work was produced during a 15-week long project facilitated by Independent Arts (IA) working with artists Leigh Jackman, Trudie Wilson and Mark Lloyd. Each workshop was based around the participants perception of themselves and their environment.

“We started by searching for words and symbols that best described our feelings either to a place or to ourselves. Using a camera we took pictures of letters from typography and signage around Newport and at other times participants experimented with photographic techniques, finding meaning in shadows and reflections as a way to communicate their inner feelings.”
Mark Lloyd, graphic designer

Newport Residential Care is currently home to 29 people, some of who live with a variety of conditions including dementia, isolation, poor mental health, anxiety and addiction. Ten residents participated in the project learning a variety of new art disciplines from photography, printing, painting, wire drawing and collage work.

“Newport Residential Care is a safe place where a journey of recovery can begin. Some of the residents here feel isolated or stigmatised by society, so we try to rebuild their self-esteem, helping to give them the tools to change their future. The Independent Arts project enabled people to learn new skills and tap into their creative abilities. It was wonderful watching how confidence began to grow as their artwork took shape.”
Lynne Rose, Newport Residential Care Manager

PPUG June 2019 exhibition

Reconnections was at PPUG Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10.30-3.30pm from 8th June 2019.

Changing lives through arts is very much the impetus behind IA. Established in 1987, they now lead the way on the Island for arts-based social prescribing. PPUG is a vibrant new arts space located at 33 High Street, Newport. As well as changing programme of exhibitions you will also will be able to find out about workshops, classes and groups designed to help improve mental and physical wellbeing.

"Through drawing in wire we have explored the freedom of expression through line, this material naturally allows for freedom to express ideas and feeling, the wire recording thought and the process of making from within the moment,”
Trudie Wilson, visual artist and sculptor