Reminiscence is a well-recognised form of memory therapy and is very popular because changes in mood and cognition are noticeable in participants.

It can be applied to all age groups and is not just for those who are experiencing memory loss. Younger participants can also benefit from reminiscence sessions by thinking and talking about childhood experiences, music and toys.

Group sessions are popular, but one-to-one sessions can be invaluable to some participants. Session length and price can be negotiated for one-to-one participants.


"Our residents enjoyed talking about old times and sharing their memories. By looking at objects from childhood, they were able to recall events and moments in their lives. This is always a nice group activity too, a chance for them to interact with each other."

Manager, Solent Grange


Music Reminiscence

Music reminiscence: 78sOur Music Reminiscence sessions use an old-style wind-up gramophone and our collection of 78rpm records. The authentic sound of the gramophone prompts discussion and evokes memories for participants as they enjoy the music.



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Reminiscence practitioners include:

Sarah Lang

Annie O Bree

Gill Smith

Davina Smith