SoundbeamSoundbeam enables clients with profound physical or learning disabilities to become expressive and communicative using music and sound. Through stimulating movement, Soundbeam can benefit clients' physical functioning, contributing to their empowerment and opening the realms of creativity to people with disabilities.

Soundbeam is a little box which emits an ultrasonic beam. When this beam is broken a signal is produced which is channeled through a midi-system to give an almost limitless variety of sounds ranging from the familiar piano, electric guitar and percussion instruments, to the noise of the motor racing circuit, to more ambient, atmospheric sounds which enable the imagination to wander. The length of the beam can be adjusted so, for example, dancers can trigger sounds from their movements, or severely disabled individuals can activate the beam by the movement of a single finger or the blinking of an eyelid.

Our Soundbeam practitioner is experienced musician, Steve Parker (below).

Soundbeam session with Steve Parker


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