Isle of Wight’s Young Visionaries Unite Science and Art in Wavelength

Wavelength, a year-long project, has taken the Isle of Wight’s young talents aged 7 to 13 on an exciting journey at the intersection of arts and science. This innovative initiative unfolded in six local schools, offering students a golden opportunity to partake in a series of funded workshops. These workshops ignited the sparks of curiosity, bridging the gap between science and artistic creativity.

Guided by the fascinating world of science and the tireless dedication of Isle of Wight’s scientists, Wavelength’s exhibition showcased a spectrum of captivating experiences. From the mesmerizing art of Japanese marbling to the replication of cells in petri dishes, to the enchanting exploration of flight through a parliament of owls, this project is a testament to the boundless potential of young minds.

Witness the captivating journey where science and art seamlessly merge, providing a platform for Isle of Wight’s budding talents to shine. Don’t miss the exciting developments from Wavelength, where innovation knows no boundaries.

To find out more about Wavelength projects speak to Kerry [email protected]

A short film showing project visits to the Wight Aviation Museum and and Museum of Island History

A short film showing school children using UV torches to paint with light

A fun Arts and Science Day at our hub, exploring magnetic energy

A filmed tour of our first Wavelength public exhibition

Second Wavelength public exhibition