Young people unveil mural that celebrates the coast

If you have parked in the Little London carpark in Newport recently, you will have been treated to a wonderful vision of the Island’s coast, thanks to the latest mural by a group of young people working with artist Laura Hathaway and arts for wellbeing charity Independent Arts.

The mural, which was officially ‘unveiled’ on 8th September, was funded by the Isle of Wight AONB Partnership to help raise awareness of the Island’s natural environment and extends a trail of black and white artworks created by the young people and Laura as part of the Artswork investment programme Supporting Young Minds. You can see other work at Newport Bus Station and Chain Lane.

To get inspiration for the mural, the young people, Laura, filmmaker Bruce Webb, and the team from Independent Arts caught the number 12 bus to Compton Bay, which sits within the Island’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and spent a day painting and drawing there, using a range of media, including pigments they made from clay, earth and vegetation. The young people described the visit as relaxing, peaceful and calm.

This was very much what The Isle of Wight AONB’s Richard Grogan had in mind when he funded the programme. He explained: “In a time of heightened anxiety amongst young people about their future we hope the IWAONB can help them relax and take stock of their experiences and externalise those thoughts and feelings as inspiration for public art that may help others.”